Touring Programs:

Tour #1 “The Latino America Fiesta”

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Tour #2 “México, Music & Dance”


Folklorico Festival of Dallas

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Folklorico Festival of McKinney



Summer Dance Program of McKinney


Nativity Celebration from Latin America


Virgin of Guadalupe Celebration

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How do I make a reservation?

For all reservations, Click here or call toll-free at 1866-720-3655 (9:00am-6:00pm CST). Please have your personal and school information Ready.

How much do the tickets cost?

Prices of ticket are $15.00 per student per show.

Assigned free seat per chaperone or teacher for every 20 paid students; In order to pay you will need an invoice. You will receive a group admission ticket, and study guide which will be sent to you upon receipt of your Reservation. This Study Guide is specially designed to teach the students about the show.

What is the time Show starts?

All performances should start at 10:0 and 10:15 AM

Double shows star time: 9:45 am and 11:30 am

Elementary school shows last 45 min

Unless you’re informed differently, shows will run for an hour and fifteen minutes. Private performances can be arranged provided they are sufficiently booked in advance.

Where is the performance?

The auditoriums or Theatre for our programs are located within the listed city or it is surrounding area. You will receive the name, map and instructions address of the facility upon receipt of your reservation.

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How do I pay for my tickets?

Make Money order or checks payable to:

Ballet Folklórico Mexicano Ollimpaxqui or American Dance Company. 13625 Purple Sage Rd, Dallas. Texas 75240

Any payment made in advance must be received by check no Later than two weeks before the date of the performance.

Payment cannot be accepted at date of performance or at the door unless you have your invoice and credit with our company.

Also you may do changes on seats but only two weeks before date of Performance. *Please include reservation number on check.

Can I change my reservation?

You can alter the number of reserved seats up until two weeks before the date of the performance.

Do you offer private performances?

Private performance can be arranged with sufficient advance notice. These special programs offer your students an interactive Workshop session and photo session opportunities with the cast and performers.

However if some date is available in your area we can do your special performance. (For more details call us (214) 244-8868.

Can we take pictures or video at the performance?

Taking of pictures while the performers are on stage is prohibited by law; as well as any video or audio devices, (except with previous arrangement with the company.)

However (You can take pictures with the dancers and musicians after the performance!)

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What is your Refunds Policy?

Ballet Folklórico Mexicano Ollimpaxqui & American Dance Company, reserves the right to provide Refunds depending on individual cases, or extenuating circumstances. It is however, entirely up to the director and coordinator to have a final decision per case. A 50% partial refund will be provided three weeks in advance for a cancellation if the School informs previously of an unforeseen problem. 100% refund will not be provided as such, it will remain as credit for future performances. If for any reason the  Ballet Folklórico Mexicano or other group produce by us needs to cancel any performance, the individual school will be entitled to receive the 100% refund soon after. *Note that there are no refunds for individual students who decide to cancel. However our promise is:



Go to our Reservations Form and Reserve Now

*Both Shows are supported by audience’s participation and didactic material by study guides and tests designed to meet the teachers and school curriculum.

Ticket Price: 1 Show $15.00  double show is $20.00

OBC is a 501 © (3) non-for-profit educational organization.  All donations are tax deductible

Copyright Ballet Ollimpaxqui

1)     If you are a host facility! Is there a base fee for the site?

You get a 50% off from the $15.00 per student.

Whit a minimum of 200 students If you have more students we can set a base price for a full auditorium or entire school!

2)    How are the other schools near us going to get contacted?

We will contact them but if you have a list or e-mail address will help us to get as many students as possible!

3)    Do you ever do a later show than the morning show?

Sure we can do an after school performance or evening show! You can ask for specific time or date!

4)    How long would you use the site?

We usually get in the schools at 8:00 am until 12:00noon or 1:00 pm if we have double performance

5)    Could you do it on any date?

Sure we can do it on any date possible if we have opened the date! Check for schedule of performance!

6)    What if the show doesn’t get sold out?  Who recovers the loss?

We always anticipate cost so you are not responsible for loss; we base our performance in how many students we can get from the host school! You are responsible only for your students!

7)    How many students would you need to help set up and work the crowd?

We need 4 students and 2 technical assistances for the theater use.

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