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Founder / Artistic Director: Eduardo Gutierrez

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This magnificent company of dancers, singer, and musicians has captivated both adult and student audiences everywhere. Beautifully costumed, these talented artists have created an authentic and vibrant Mexican Spectacular. This educational and highly entertaining panorama encompasses centuries of traditions that have evolved from European, Oriental, Indian, and American influences.


From the colorful dance of La Bamba from Veracruz with its picturesque ribbon-tying ceremony, to the solemnity Elders dance of Michoacán, to the eloquent dancing of Jalisco, to the songs and traditions of the other distinctive regions of this exciting country, you will embark on a never-to-be-forgotten journey. You will thrill and delight you and provide cultural and educational insight into, Mexico.

Mexico Music & Dances


Students can look forward to:

Learning about folkloric dance from different regions of Mexico during a colorful

Performance, the explanation is bi-lingual (English and Spanish)

Understanding the spirit and traditions which these dances embody

Seeing authentic costumes and learned about them

Gaining insight into our increasingly important neighbor, Mexico.

A Guide for classes viewing the performance of the

Ballet Folklórico Ollimpaxqui

Mexico is a nation of many parts, each with a distinctive culture. The Ballet folklórico Mexicano’s outstanding group of performers will introduce you to traditions that span hundreds of years and thousands of miles through the many dances of Mexico.



Jalisco in Western Mexico, and the state that has done the most to give Americans their concept of Mexico; It is the home of “El Jarabe Tapatío”, the famed Mexican hat Dance. Said to represent the courtship of doves, the woman dances around the man’s hat if she steps on the brim, it means she accepts his offer of love. The woman’s costume, with its elaborate ribbon dresses, is known as Rancheras. The man wears the rather sever Charro regalia of jacket, straight trousers, and wide brimmed hat.

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The Dance of the Elders is a pre-Columbian dance from the state of Michoacán located in the western part of Mexico according to historians this dance is being performing in dedication to the acient Fire God call Huehueteotl also associated to the Sun; student will participate with the Little train dance (el trenecito.)

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Some of the great songs are distinctive in Mexican History La Cucaracha from the Mexican revolution and Cielito lindo from the Spanish influences. Students will sing-along these typical songs!

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On the Gulf Coast of Mexico, is the state of Veracruz and the well-known city of the same name.Its dances are a blend of Spanish, Caribbean, and Indian influences. The famous La Bamba, for example, is a spirited representative of Veracruzano dance. The typical music of Veracruz, exemplified in the “Jaracho”, uses small guitars known as jaranas and requintos, as well as violins and native harps. The local costumes are also of interest. Women wear highly decorated dresses with voluminous skirts while the man dresses in an elegant shirt and trouser of cotton or linen with characteristics straw hats. Your students will sing and dance along with the Company in the exciting final of this memorable performance.

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