Videos OBC.




Students from PK to 12th grade..

All programs are Bilingual.

Programs not only will serve Spanish Clubs but general public and all students our main focus will be the audience participation to learn different language but will be open to all students and faculty from your school!

Master class, workshop, dance lessons.


Live Theater Cultural Bilingual Programs

Specially Designed for School students as a Field-trip or we visit your school!

WHAT:  Foreign language technique and audience participation will entertain all your students visually, while providing them with a unique opportunity to enrich their understanding, and fluency in Spanish. Let your students experience a Bilingual Educational Show (English and Spanish) specially designed for school students that will give them a Cultural insight into México & Latin America. With Audience Participation, it’s all about the Richness of our Colorful Hispanic Traditions into an Interactive Program Full of Music & Dance!

Ollimpaxqui Ballet Company