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This magnificent company of dancers, singer, and musicians has captivated both adult and student audiences everywhere. Beautifully costumed, these talented artists have created an authentic and vibrant Mexican Spectacular Show. This educational and highly entertaining panorama encompasses centuries of traditions that have evolved from European, Oriental, Indian, and American influences.

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From the pre-Columbian rituals of the Aztecs, to the colorful music of the Bamba from Veracruz with its picturesque ribbon-tying ceremony, to the solemnity and drama of Sonora’s Deer Dance, to the eloquent dancing of Jalisco and Concheros, to the songs and traditions of the other distinctive regions of this exciting country, you will embark on a never-to-be-forgotten journey. You will experience a joyful extravaganza that will thrill and delight you and provide cultural and educational insight into our increasingly important neighbor, Mexico.



The Mission of Ollimpaxqui Ballet Company is to increase awareness and promote the traditional and folkloric music and dances of México, Central and South America by providing educational dance programs, public performances and artistic enrichment events to the community.



Ollimpaxqui means Joyful Movement in Náhuatl, the language of the Aztecs. Ollimpaxqui was born in México City, as Semblanzas de México, and México Máxico. They have performed in the National Auditorium and in the Palace of the Fine Arts in México City. They came to the United States in 1985 and founded what is now known as Ollimpaxqui Ballet Company. In 1992 the company submitted its articles of incorporation to the State of Texas thus becoming a non-profit organization. Most of the dancers have performed with Amalia Hernández Ballet Folklórico de México in the Palace of Fine Arts in México City. Through performing and teaching, OBC strives to share the uniqueness of Latin American art drawn from centuries of traditions from Europe, America, Asia, and especially from the indigenous people of Mexico. Ollimpaxqui has been performing in USA for the past Nineteen years. They entertain thousands in venues ranging from taco floorshow to diplomatic soirees. The group generously shares their knowledge of Latin American Folklore through performing and teaching in schools, auditoriums, recreation centers, and participates in over 300 performances a year. This is the First Folklórico group to perform at the White House for the 5 de Mayo Celebration in 2001 and 2002 for President George W. Bush.

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