Program 2 Dancing Through Latin American

Carnaval Ponse 08

Students can look forward to:

Learning about folkloric dances from different Countries with strong Spanish Influences during a colorful performance, the explanation is bi-lingual (English and Spanish)

Understanding the spirit and traditions which these dances embody

Seeing authentic costumes and learned about them

Gaining insight into our Latin America Countries dances and traditions.

A Guide for classes viewing the performance

of Dancing Through Latin American BFO

Latin America is an extent continent with many nations of many parts, each with a distinctive culture and strong Spanish influences. The Hispano Americano Company’s outstanding group of performers will introduce you to traditions that span hundreds of years and thousands of miles through the many dances of this beautiful part of the world.

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From Peru, Hispano- Americano Ballet presents the beautiful costumes and charming Folklórico the Inca traditions, El Carnavalito.Women wear highly decorated dresses with voluminous skirts while the man dress in an simple shirt and trouser of cotton or linen with characteristics wooden hats Your students will sing and dance along with the Company in the exciting of this memorable performance.


Argentina 7


Perhaps the most diverse culture of Latin America is Argentina all provinces were strongly affected by their Spanish and Italian heritage, which in turn was modified with special characteristics we present Sambas & Chacareras to the Malambo and Boleadoras from the Argentine Cowboy.



In the tropical Southeastern-America, We fine one of the greatest rhythms of music La Cumbia; represent the courtship of doves, the woman dances around the man’s, the woman’s costume, with its elaborate embroidery and shimming ribbons a strong African influence with the simplicity of the original Indian culture.


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